I’m Majeed. I’m committed to helping you succeed in both career and life.

My philosophy is simple: your path to success is unique to you. I can help you find and follow it.

Hundreds of people, from students to middle managers, and from entrepreneurs to Olympic gold medalists, have benefited from my unique approach, finding their success and living a more fulfilling, meaningful life.

With a little guidance and inspiration, the right knowledge and tools, plus some hard work and discipline on your part, you too can live a better life – however you define “better”.

My 3-Pillar Approach


Personalized Success

Don’t follow someone else’s idea of success. Define what success means to you and then develop a unique formula to make it happen.


Creating Opportunity

Don’t wait for opportunity to knock. Instead, create it yourself by developing your opportunity radar and opportunity magnet.


Entrepreneurial Mindset

Think and act like an entrepreneur, no matter what you do. Take calculated risk, be disciplined, and build meaningful connections.

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